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Multi-Cloud Hosting
Enterprise Scalability

Our No-Code CMS handles the complexity of high-availability hosting with a multi-cloud approach and gives the flexibility of decentralized hosting. Our high-scale, high-available infrastructure allows your no-code website to load in less than two seconds on mobile devices. Every website built with out No-Code Website Builder follows best practices ensuring your website loads fast all over the world.

Multicloud Hosting Powered by CompanyEgg

Multi-Cloud Security & Enterprise Scalability for Small Businesses

Cloudflare Hosting and Protection

Cloudflare Serverless

With a presence in 190 data centers, your website is located near your customers, wherever they are in the world.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

Microsoft Cloud Hosting

Backed by one of the most well-known brands on earth, your website and the No Code CMS are in the most secure datacenters on the planet.


The Fastest Business-Class Websites

Less Than 2 Seconds

Every website adheres to best practices for website speed. Our code is blazing fast so your users get what they need without leaving before your site has finished loading.

No Designer Needed

Most websites that are as fast as ours require a full team of developers and designers. We're the first website builder and CMS for business.

No-Code Platform

Skip the complex code and learning curves. The future of website design lies in no code environments and we're the first built for businesses.

IPFS Websites CompanyEgg

Distributed Hosting & Content Delivery Networks

All websites built on the CompanyEgg No-Code Platform include completely distributed hosting in data centers all over the world. Your website is both hosted and cached all over the world, making your website load extremely fast.

One-click IPFS Hosting

Our easy to use no-code interface gives business owners the option to publish to the IPFS without using additional tools. In partnership with Cloudflare, IPFS hosting is simple as pushing a button.

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Secure No-Code Websites & Backups

Secure Websites

Our websites are all protected by the latest encryption technologies to protect data being transmitted and received from your website. HTTPS and SSL included.

Backups Included

Stop worrying about backups and if your data is secure. Every website has backups included, ensuring you don't lose any data from your website.

No-Code CMS

Our No-Code CMS is the easiest to use on the market. Skip writing code with our No-Code CMS.

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No-Code Website Features:

Future-proof design platform.
Pick a new design without hiring a designer.
Get an SEO-friendly website.
Acquire more customers easily.
Business-first websites built for conversions.

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